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          Yoga for Autism was inspired from uBloom Yoga, a practice developed by Prafull Oorja: Holistic Practices for All, a charitable foundation sharing holistic therapies with special needs children in Bangalore India since 2012.  Founded by Sowmya Ayyar and Madeleine Rose, and joined by a team of yoga therapists, uBloom Yoga was created to bring transformation to people with special needs and their communities in India and around the world.  


          Two years ago, just before Madeleine had a one way flight to Delhi, India, she was karmically connected to Sowmya Ayyar on Facebook. At the time, Sowmya was teaching yoga to children with special needs in Bangalore and was searching for a yoga teacher to join her and expand the service. In 2013, Madeleine studied with her for one month and felt so inspired by the cause that she returned one year later to partner with her to establish the charitable organization, Prafull Oorja: Holistic Practices for All. The organization grew into two branches: uBloom Yoga for Special Needs and uRise Yoga for Empowerment.


          For the past 2 years, the uBloom Yoga team has been teaching yoga to children with autism and other special needs, organizing and conducting trainings, and building an organization that grew from impacting 60 children with one teacher, to over 500 children and families with a team of 15 teachers and growing.  The team has conducted uBloom Yoga Level 1 & 2 workshops and trainings around Bangalore, spreading the benefits of yoga for special needs children and their communities.


          We have witnessed uBloom Yoga change the mental, emotional, and physical behavior of children with a diverse range of special needs and talents. In our classes children have said their first words, they have gained mobility and coordination, have learned how to become calm and relaxed, and much more. Prafull Oorja continues to organize classes and trainings in and around Bangalore, India.


          We are excited for uBloom Yoga to expand internationally with classes and trainings to Salt Lake City and around the United States.


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